I am a girl filled with dreams.

Outra letra.

Sitting in the middle of the road, thinking of you💙

I spend my nights thinking the worst
And telling myself that everything's going to work out
I keep kicking myself in the mouth
Opening up every cut that should be a scar by now

I need the hope I always tell my friends about


I sleep with the TV on, it covers up my feelings about the past
Here I am lying awake thinking about how things used to be

I'm sick and tired
I'm sick and tired of being at the same old place in my head
Give me peace of mind
I always backtrack to my old self
When I'm holding on to despair and cracks in my life
I'm holding when I need to let go


Doubt is the soil that fear grows in
I'm dirty from head to toe

Real friends - To: My old self

2 comentários:

J. disse...

Bonita letra! *
Bom fim-de-semana! :)

Diana Carina. disse...

identifiquei-me :/